We Believe in Exceptional Design. We Believe in Building Extraordinary Communities.
We Believe in Creating Value.

Haven Communities places residents at the forefront of our philosophy by providing innovative and unique living spaces, industry-leading features and the latest advancements in technology. By choosing a Haven Community, you can expect a premium housing experience with our commitment to delivering an exceptional product that meets the demands of our residents and exceeds the standards of the adjoining community.


Our Foundation is Built on Experience, Relationships, and Integrity.

Haven was founded on a foundation of experience and knowledge with a stated intent of building high quality communities in both student housing and multifamily throughout the US. Founded originally by Jay Williams and Steve Whisenant, the company did just that by initially focusing on student housing and then subsequently incorporating multifamily. With Jay’s twenty five years of experience in real estate development along with the depth of knowledge Steve brought to the table as a result of his fifty years in the business, there was ample confidence in what Haven could accomplish. To date, Haven has done what it sought out to do by developing a distinctive portfolio of high quality projects. Prior to starting Haven, Jay’s experience in real estate has been diverse and extensive, including the founding of a syndication company and a national multifamily developer still in existence today, Oxford Properties. Furthermore, he served as President of his father’s real estate investment fund business, Williams Realty Advisors. Jay is the son of John A Williams, Atlanta multifamily icon and founder of Post Properties and Preferred Apartment Communities. Growing up in a real estate family, Jay was given the opportunity to learn from the best in the business. That background along with Jay’s diverse experience as an operating executive, investor and advisor serves as the foundation by which the company is built. Jay also continues to benefit from Steve’s extensive experience as he remains as a valuable advisor to the company.


We take an entrepreneurial approach on every project with an emphasis on design, quality, and value.

Haven Communities is a developer of multifamily, student housing, and mixed-use developments across the United States. We are focused on creating uniquely designed communities in highly desirable locations. We are committed to delivering an unmatched living experience for our residents via communities that are methodically tailored to exceed the standards of a given market. With that in mind, we take an entrepreneurial approach to each project by creating something special for the community.

To execute our vision, the Haven team brings a wealth of collective industry experience and a proven track record of success. Our team is committed to building extraordinary communities for our residents and the community while driving value creation for our investors and partners. At the core of our company is our commitment to integrity and that serves as an unwavering guideline for how we operate.


We innovate.

At Haven Communities, we care about our residents, investors, and partners. Our defining company culture revolves around our focus on people, creating meaningful relationships, and designing and building quality communities that engage and elevate lifestyles for our residents. The high standards that we set for our developments are the same that we set for ourselves. Our team, comprised of seasoned professionals, is passionate about developing projects that are impactful through thoughtful designs, creativity, and innovation. We take pride in the design process and we choose to take the extra steps in order to create extraordinary places that are additive to their communities.




Haven prides itself on being forward thinking as we consider the continual evolution of the world around us and how that directly relates to the living experience of our residents. With that in mind, we work hard to find unique and innovative ways to both connect with and serve our residents.

Haven’s innovative mobile marketing truck was the first of its kind and created a new way to engage with residents. These converted food trucks are fully functional, branded, and designed mobile marketing trucks. The trucks come equipped with video monitors displaying virtual tours and project renderings, but can also create a pop-up party with customized promotional items. These trucks have the ability to create a direct connection with residents by participating in local events, tailgating at a game, or simply parking in a location that people frequently visit. Ultimately, the purpose of the mobile marketing truck is to attract attention and generate excitement about the property while actively participating in the local community. These reimagined food trucks are simply another way Haven has re-envisioned the way to interact and connect with residents.



Smart Home Technology

In 2017, Haven became the first to introduce a Smart Apartment platform in the student housing industry and we have since found ways to incorporate these “smart” technologies in communities where we believe it is merited. This reinvention of the apartment living experience gives residents direct access to advanced voice command technology and changes the way they interact with the community. From maintenance requests to smart locks to loading a favorite playlist, Haven combines a customizable suite of smart apartment systems into a single intuitive mobile platform. Residents have the ease of controlling common area smart lighting, smart thermostats, and smart ceiling fans through an integrated system anchored by a hard-wired Amazon Alexa provided in each unit in select communities. In addition, some communities offer video intercom controls with electronic key access. This system allows for an integrated video surveillance component that maintains a log of all guests entering and leaving the building. Another way that Haven separates itself from its competitors is by using the latest virtual reality technology. What better way to bring our project to life while under construction than through virtual reality. This technology allows us to provide immersive virtual tours before the projects are completed, allowing us to showcase our amenities and their desired unit type while interacting with our projects in a more personal, experiential way. Haven considers technology an important element of the resident experience and we remain committed to staying on leading edge of this evolving component of our business.



Social consciousness is deeply ingrained in our company culture. We believe through volunteerism and philanthropy, we have the potential to create a lasting effect on our community and change lives for the better. From participating in team volunteer work with non-profit organizations to donating to local charities, we make it our mission to build a stronger society.